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Rachmaninoff Sonata

played by Grace Fong






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Tropical Leaves


"I cannot thank you enough for teaching me this year; you were an inspiration at all times, no matter the composer or the complications on my part, your patience and love for ideas guided me in the right direction, making each lesson a revelation of sorts. "

"You are the greatest teacher known to me. Thank you for your inspiration and feeling."

"She manages to be humble and patient with us, no matter what. She understands that music is a way of life and she teaches us to live and breathe our passions just like she does."

"Dr. Fong is a brilliant teacher and I so enjoyed taking lessons from her. Her musicality inspires me to strive to be more like her. I have practiced more in this semester than I ever have."

"Studying piano under someone that is so good and passionate really made me want to work hard and get better"

"Dr. Fong is one of the best teachers on campus. Her care and attention to every single detail is so important to the success of every student. She pushes each student to reach their absolute best. I've enjoyed every lesson with Dr. Fong and will surely miss the musical journey that she has led."

"I have grown so much. I continue to be inspired by your insight and your musicianship in every lesson, and that inspires me to be even better than I was before. You have continued to push me beyond what I thought was my limits; I think my boost in confidence in my playing is a testament to that. 

"Hey Dr. Fong! Just wanted to thank you for being the best teacher I could've ever asked for this year. Thank you so much, I am looking forward to continuing piano next year."

"Dr. Fong is an exceptional teacher. She cares so much about her students, not only during lessons, but always. She is more than just a piano teacher and she treats her students like family. She is always a happy, positive person who always pushes you to do your best and is great support and a #1 fan. Her students love and respect her."

"She’s enthusiastic and knows exactly what to say or do to make us understand what to do. . . Also great at giving extra time outside of normal lessons just to talk."

"I have enjoyed studying with Dr. Fong for the past 4 years and couldn't have had such an amazing 4 years at Chapman without her."

"You give enough freedom whilst keeping the basics in mind. I’ve grown tremendously thanks to you."

"WONDERFUL teacher- very dedicated and caring. She cares for her student’s personal and academic well-being and she asks us to think outside of the box."

"Dr. Fong is one of the most encouraging teachers I’ve ever met! I love how she challenges me and allows me to direct my own learning. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and really, just listening to her play during the lessons (to show me what to do) is a treat! Ooh! I love listening to her rehearsals! So fun. My friends are jealous of me."



“Dr. Fong is such an outstanding teacher, She uses so much imagery, poetry, and metaphors in her teaching."


“She’s not like other kinds of teachers who are like ‘do this,” said Crespo. “She’s very calming.”

--Andi Rocco, The Poly Post

"Dr. Fong is so understanding, respectful and supportive, and I love her energy!"

"I also just wanted to say thank you again for an amazing semester, I learned so much and if I could take your class again I would 100 times. I learned more than I ever have ...Also thank you for being so kind and amazing, I am so glad I got to take your class."

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